Tan Brown Granite

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Tan Brown Granite


Price of Granite varies on Size, Quality, Thickness and Finishes.

Product Details

Tan Brown Granite is popular granite for its  interesting pattern that has dual Coloured Black and chocolate brown minerals. It is visual experience. It is widely used for Indoor Countertops as well as Outdoor application. 

  • Common Industry Names: Tan Brown Granite, Cranbury Brown Granite, Copper Antique Granite
  • Location: Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh
  • Finishes: Polish, Leather, Flamed, Lepatora
  • Thickness: 2 cm, 3cm
  • Sizes: Tiles, Cutter, Gangsaw, (Custom Size Available)
  • Quality: Premium, Fresh, Semi Fresh

Tan Brown granite features dark brown with grey, black, and dark particles. This natural, durable Granite can be used well for various indoor and outdoor projects such as floors, walls, countertops, and other architectural elements.

Tan Brown Granite is a wide variety of Granite that is a distinct combination of grey and white color. Tan Brown granite is also known as Indian Brown granite, and Tan Brown granite is also known as Indian Brown. Quarries in Tan Brown are located in the Indian state of Telangana. It's an excellent option for those on a budget in addition to the many available styles.

It is a beautiful Granite, which is ideal for being used in both outdoor and indoor applications. It is ideal for kitchen countertops, walls, and more. The most common use for the Granite is for Kitchen Countertops and bathroom vanity tops. Tan Brown has 0% absorption capacity for water, so the Granite is often utilized for kitchen countertops in exterior and interior projects and worktops.

Hardness and durability are attractive features of this Granite.

Its accessibility and price-competitiveness have made it a top material for homeowners. The elegant and sophisticated Granite is a sought-after choice for the homeowner and the design-minded. One of the most challenging stones available on the market today, Tan Brown granite can be considered an excellent investment material. Its incredible density ensures it is not prone to scratches and thus suitable for installation in a wide range of spots.

Indian Granite Exporters is the Best Quality Tan Brown Granite producer and distributor at the lowest cost in India and abroad. The quality of this Granite has gained massive recognition in the market over time. Indian Granite Exporters is the most prominent producer in the world of Granite in India and worldwide. The experts at Indian Granite Exporters offer a large selection of high-quality and stunning Brown Granite at the Best price.


Tan Brown Granite countertop is easy to maintain and clean. The staining and scratching that can occur on the granite countertop are not a problem due to the toughness of the stone. Granite countertops generally require cleaning by using an easy white cloth, hot water, and dishwashing soap. Window cleaners can also be used to wash Granite; however, they can leave the surface with a layer of.


* Glossy finish

* Accurate dimensions

* Blocks, Slabs, Tiles, cut to size Countertops for kitchens.

* Available in following measurements - 10MM, 12MM, 16MM, 18MM, 20MM, 30MM.


* Polished surface

* Flamed

* Resistant to water, heat, and strain


* Bathroom Countertop

* Granite for Exterior Use

* Granite for Wall Cladding

* Kitchen Countertop

* Granite for Flooring


The tan brown granite is one the most well-known brown granites available. However, the brown minerals that make up the rock's name are more diverse in color when seen from a distance. The brown spots may range from metallic copper in hue to dark chocolate brown in some areas. These darker shades are rarer, and the overall appearance is of lighter copper brown. The darker browns only enhance the already stunning hue. As you get into the stone's vicinity, you'll discover the mix of black and light brown within the rock. It is possible to observe that tiny quartz crystals are embedded into sections where the stone was polished in a couple. They certainly will sparkle or shine when light beams shine off the surface. Without the quartz, the tan brown Granite could appear too intense and dark for some people's tastes. It's just a bit heavy and dark for many people's tastes, therefore. There's a beautiful minor enhancement to this beautiful stone. Sometimes you will discover a slab that doesn't have much variation in the mineral material in the stones.

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