Coffee Brown Granite

Gujarat Coffee Brown Granite, COffee Brown Granite

Coffee Brown Granite


Price of this types of Granites varies on Size, Quality, Thickness and Finishes.

Product Details

Coffee Brown Granite is very popular granite for its  beautiful and stunning deep brown base color with dark navy blue quartz crystal type pattern to give luxurious look. This Granite can be used for Indoor Countertops as well as Outdoor application. 

  • Common Industry Names: Coffee Brown Granite, Milky Coffee Brown Granite
  • Location: Motibhalu, Mehsana District, Gujarat
  • Finishes: Polish, Leather, Flamed, Lepatora
  • Thickness: 2 cm, 3cm
  • Sizes: Tiles, Cutter (Custom Size Available)
  • Quality: Premium, Fresh, Semi Fresh

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