Black Galaxy Granite

Black Galaxy Granite

Price of Indian Black Galaxy Granite varies on Size, Quality and Finishes.

Product Details

Indian Black Galaxy Granite is very popular granite for its pitch bark background with silver and golden flakes which gives the feel of nigh open sky filled with stars. It's pattern are even and can be used for Indoor and Outdoor application. 

  • Common Industry Names: Black Galaxy Granite, Indian Black Granite, Star Galaxy Granite
  • Location: Ongole, Praksam District
  • Finishes: Polish, Honed, Flamed, Leather
  • Sizes: Tiles, Cutter, Mini Gangsaw
  • Quality: Premium, Fresh, Semi Fresh, Commercial


Black Galaxy Granite consists mainly of black granite with small amounts of gold or white flecks, quarried in India. Black Galaxy Granite has a striking appearance and is known for its stain-free qualities. This stone's name is perfect as the golden flecks suggest an ever-expanding galaxy. This stone can be used indoors and outdoors. This stone is not necessarily required to be picked in the exact color you want (although it will never damage). Sometimes, veining or copper flecks are mixed in the slabs. This is a fun thing because they are almost identical.

This stone is not only beautiful but also highly durable. Galaxy granite is an excellent choice for your home due to its durability and other benefits. This fantastic natural stone is a popular choice and top pick for many homeowners, and it could be one of your best investments for your home.

Black Galaxy consists of a very thick stone. It doesn't have to be resigned, Doesn't need to be covered. It can be cleaned with a granite cleaner. It looks black overall, but if you look closely, you'll see a copper or golden fleck. This copper fleck can also be seen when the sun shines on granite. It's pretty beautiful.

We offer a high-quality range of Black Galaxy Granite. Our Galaxy Granite has been highly acclaimed for its beautiful finishing and stain-free nature, and its success is due to its heat resistance, smooth edges, easy-to-clean nature, and ease of use.

Indian Granite Exporters Provides the highest quality Galaxy Granite at a very affordable price.


  • Attractive looks
  • Beautiful finishing
  • Smooth surface


  • High Gloss Polished
  • Slab Thickness: 15 mm to 18 mm
  • Slab Size: 8'x3' or More
  • Smooth edges
  • Heat resistance

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Residential and Commercial


Residential and Commercial


Residential and Commercial


Freezing Climate and Exterior Usage

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